When we started discussing the possibility of a "Tyvis' Corner" here at Buckeye House Call back in October I really didn't know what to expect. I thought back eighteen years to when I was seventeen and the thought of what would have poured out of my mouth at that age was a little frightening. I assumed you were very similar but boy was I ever wrong.

You've spent the last three months giving me and Buckeye Nation a direct look into the heart and soul of an amazing young man. It didn't take long for us to see that we had a True Buckeye on our hands - a young man that we could be very proud of on and off the field - someone we could root for beyond the Scarlet and Gray you're about to put on. 

I'm personally proud of who you are, what you stand for, and the drive you hold within. It's nothing short of inspiring.

You started Tyvis' Corner with an "Open Letter from Tyvis Powell to Buckeye Nation." The only way I could think to give back to you before you enroll at THE Ohio State University in January was to pull together some of my blogging brethren, Buckeye writers, and fellow Ohio State fans and have them write back. Needless to say you've built quite the following and it's very well deserved.

Just as you told me at the end of the first blog post you emailed to me back in October, "I hope you like it."

Sincerely, Grant Edgell - Buckeye House Call

From me to you, I give you Buckeye Nation:


MaliBuckeye - TheBuckeyeBattlycry.com

Tyvis - When Coach Tressel came to Ohio State, he talked about being proud of "our young people in the classroom, in the community, and most especially..." on the field against Michigan.

Coach Hayes also used to say, “I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good. That's just the way it is. And if you believe that and live by it, you'd be surprised at how much fun you can have.”

If you keep those goals in line (academics/paying it forward/athletics), and take advantage of every opportunity that being a part of The Ohio State University family provides you, your time will be unforgettable. But, most especially, you'll be able to be as proud of yourself as Buckeye Nation already is.

Godspeed, Mali (@The_BBC)


Alex Gleitman, Senior Editor/Manager of Scouting - ElevenWarriors.com

Tyvis - It has been a pleasure covering your recruitment, not because I have learned so much about you as a player, but because I have learned so much about you as a person. You represent everything that a student athlete at The Ohio State University should be and I wish you the best of luck as both a student and athlete in Columbus. Take advantage of the opportunity given to you by this great university to do good in the world, whether it be on or off the field. I think I speak for all of Buckeye Nation in that we are rooting hard for you and know you will continue to make us proud.

Go Bucks, Alex (@alex11w)


Chris Holloway - OurHonorDefend.com

Tyvis - You’ve probably heard over the last four years that high school is the time to define yourself. To discover who you are and what you are made of. They were wrong. This step is just one of many in your life that will define you as a person and as an athlete. You are stepping into one of the most storied programs in history, and you are doing so at a position that Ohio State is known for. The expectations will be immense, the glare of the lights overbearing.  

But Buckeye Nation is forgiving. We don’t ask that you win every award. We don’t ask that you get 15 interceptions a season. All we ask is that as soon as you don that Scarlet and Gray, that you go all out, whistle to whistle. This applies just as much to the classroom as it does to the field at Ohio Stadium. First and foremost, you are a student, and we are behind you in that aspect just as much as we are behind you on Saturdays. Take this time to relish all that life in Columbus has to offer, but remember to always put student first in student-athlete. 

But also remember that this time of your life will forge firm friendships that will last you a lifetime. These men that you take the field with are your brothers, will watch over you when you are down, and kick you when you screw up. But they are the best bunch of men that you will ever meet and you will be proud to call them brother. 

Chris (@OHD_Chris) 


Jeff Svoboda - Buckeye Sports Bulletin

Tyvis - Best of luck at Ohio State! It's always nice to see someone representing OSU from northern Ohio!

-Jeff (@JeffSvoboda)


I was going to leave it that, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to have some of my fellow die hard Buckeyes fans from around the internet speak their minds:

teachers: Your open letters have been phenomenal. It's a privilege to welcome someone like you to the university from which I graduated. I would guess that you have some very proud parents, friends, coaches and teammates. You certainly have many, many proud fans. Best of luck with your college years at OSU!

Taspra: Tyvis, if you read this I just want to you to know how proud I am of you. I am the mother of an Ohio State student and have always been a huge Buckeye fan (probably too the extreme). You are the kind of person we want to have on this team! After reading all of your blogs I just can't tell you how impressed I am with you as a person. Kudos to you and your parents :) Go Bucks!! Sincerely, Just another Buckeye Mom.

3124holybuckeye: Mr. Powell, Thank you.  Thank you for being a true BUCKEYE.  Thank you for showing what it means to be loyal in times of turmoil.  And, thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and feelings.  You sir, are a winner.  Regardless of what you ever do on the field! Best of wishes to you and yours this Holiday season.

DP311: Mr.Powell, Thank you for showing pride in the state of Ohio. Thank you for being the beacon of class and respect. You have stuck with tOSU from the moment you committed and continue to up to this day. You have shown what it means to be a true Buckeye. To stick with the team and the school through all the ups and downs and to never once waiver. You have kept us in the loop with you as a person and what it took to get to where you are now, to get to the point where you got a scholarship offer from a school that kids would kill to get one from. You got it not by just playing the game, you got it from determination and hardship. You took the initiative to wake up early every day and fight to get what you wanted and that work paid off. Most players commit and come to tOSU and we never really know them as a person or anything but after everything you've told us, i think we as a fanbase understand you as not just a player, but as a person. You’re a truly unique recruit and one i hope to see terrorizing the other team for the next couple years then, god willing, see you tearing it up in the NFL. Wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy your days at tOSU.

Streetsbuck68: Tyvis - thank you for your multiple posts on being a Buckeye. You seem to be a young man with a sound realization of your hopes and dreams with a grasp of what life is really about. I most look forward to following your career not only as a player but beyond as you follow your future endeavors. Welcome to the Buckeye Nation, God bless and God speed.

BUCKEYEBW: Tyvis- Thank you for becoming a Buckeye, I know you are going to make the fans proud on and off the field. Stay strong, get good grades, and be the leader we believe you are. Good luck to you it will be a pleasure watching you grow as a Buckeye

Rayjack01: Tyvis, you are definitely a class act and I am anxious to see you in the scarlet and gray. I hope you have a great career.

bigshamrock: Congratulations, Tyvis. You worked for that scholarship, and you got it! We will be watching you at OSU.

GoBucks22250: Tyvis, you are the man thanks for choosing the buckeyes and staying loyal through the tough times. P.S you earned lots of bonus points from the fans for giving Sparty the stiff arm when they tried to make a play for you. Good luck and go Bucks.

whitelightening: Congratulations to you young man, and kudos to the coach who is such a fine role model. I certainly will be cheering you on at Ohio State on hte field, and in four years when you receive your degree.

Grant87: Thanks Mr. Powell.  I am glad you’re a Buckeye.  You have been a great example of what a young man should be and I enjoyed hearing from your corner.  I for one will be in your corner!  Go Tyvis and GO BUCKS. 

CBW28: Mr. Powell, I want to show you my appreciation, and how well I admire you. You're the soul, and heart of this recruiting class. Your loyalty is second to none. You've shown nothing but love towards Ohio State, during a real, real hard time. I have to admit it was a time that I couldn't watch sports, because I was so embarrassed and ashamed of the allegations. I really hope to see you rise and prevail during your 4 years. I have no doubt that you will be a great leader, player, but above all a great person. Congrats, and good luck on being a true buckeye. 

Waffle007: Thank you for becoming a Buckeye and making us proud. Live the memories!

ToxicNut: Thank you, Tyvis, for being such a gracious Buckeye.  Don't let the pressure get to you, and know that we can't wait to see your jersey number on game day.

nobuck: Thanks for your transparency. Now, the fun begins. We wish you all the best..As Jim Heacock always said, "there is nothing like a young man who wants to be a Buckeye!"

BUCKITRUE: Young men like you is what makes tOSU!!!!! You got it together and am certain you will be a person other players look up to...
Congrats on your H.S. graduation and only te BEST to you during your time at tOSU...
God bless!!

J. Holden Gibbons: Mr. Powell, I have read your "Tyvis Corner" entries and let me say I am very proud of the calibre of man you are and what you will be contributing to OSU in all facets. You are a stand up individual and all Buckeye fans in the US Army salute you and eagerly anticipate your arrival on campus. Carry on with the good work and make us proud.


Of course this "Letter" wouldn't be complete without one special name showing up to speak his mind. I had a long phone conversation with an individual who I know means the world to you and I found out very quickly just how mutual that feeling is. He had a very strong message for me to pass along:



This mission started with love and respect, and regardless of what comes of it you need to understand that it will end with that same love and respect. I know what you can do. This mission was not a mistake. Everything that has happened has been part of the plan.

I want you to go to school, get your degree, play football, and simply live life. If you do those four things everything else will take care of itself. You are special and unlike any other kid I've ever had in my life. You may wear #1 on your jersey, but you're number one in my heart and you're like a son to me. I put you through holy hell because I wanted you to see what you would go through in real life and day after day you just looked back at me and laughed. Ohio State is really getting something special. I can promise you this, nobody will outwork you. Nobody.

You go to Columbus and take care of Ohio State and I promise they will take care of you for the rest of your life.

Sean Williams - Head Football Coach - Bedford High School 


Your dream is almost here, Tyvis. Get after it. We'll all be watching.

Go Bucks.