TPAlthough I been lifting and drilling like crazy this off-season, I've also have been spending time in this Mentoring program at my school. I was selected by our Coach of Character Development, Pastor Doug Boquist, to go and speak to little children. The first time I spoke was to a 5th grade class at our elementary school. When we first walked in they looked at me as if I was a GIANT! lol Pastor Boquist then told them who I was and where I was going to school and it seemed as if the kids became more pumped to hear what I had to say.

The first question they had was, "If I knew in the 5th grade, what I know now, I would..." and I had to fill in the blank. My response to this question was simple. I told them I would have focused on my grades more instead of trying to be the cool guy that sat in the back and tried to crack every joke. It took me a long time to realize that teachers are going to get paid whether I learn the material or not. So it was my job to make them earn they pay check. I started to ask questions when I didn't understand something and I started to raise my hand to answer questions more. These are the little things I did to become a better student.

The last time I spoke in front of a group of children was earlier this week, as a matter of fact it was Tuesday. I went down to Heskett Middle School and spoke with a select few students. I explained to them how important grades are. Children don't look beyond today. Right now they don't realize how making poor choices on grades right now could affect them later on in life. Also I preached to them about building strong relationships. I was out here in the world with no male role-model after my brother went off to college and the only person who stuck their hand out to me was my coach Sean Williams (@GoSW33). He is the only man who took time out of his day to be away from his job, his wife, his family, and his friends to make me a better student, a better athlete, and most importantly a better MAN. He has done way more than my own father has done for me and for that I thank GOD every morning and every night for coach Sean.

Building relationships is important because it was certain situations in my life where I couldn't go to my mother and talk to her about so I would go to Sean and he would understand exactly what I was going through. Also in the business world it's not WHAT you know, it's more so of WHO you know. Life is about networking. I've grown to like speaking to children and trying to get through to them. I want to be able to say I made a difference in someone's life.

"I am just a man, may not change the world, but let me inspire someone who can."-Wale.

If I haven't told you this Buckeye Nation - if I never make it to the highest level of football or I get injured (*Knock On Wood) I would love to go into coaching. I grow tremendous joy teaching someone how to do something and watching them take what I showed them and applying it to their game.

"I'm not saying I'm going to change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain of the person that will change the world." -2Pac.

So if you have a little sister, brother, cousin, son, daughter, granddaughter, and/or grandson please explain how important it is to build a strong base now education-wise. Help them to see past today or tomorrow and help them see 5-10 years from now.

Well Friday-Sunday I will be in Buckeye Nation for my official visit. Hope to have a fun time coming home.

Go Bucks.