Brionte_DunnAs we all know the access we have to recruits and athletes in this day and age is far ahead of what it used to be. Online social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow for that. The kids seem to love it, as do the media and fans. Unfortunately there are times when high school athletes just being a Twitter message away can be a serious negative.


When yesterday’s news broke that Bri’onte Dunn officially committed to Ohio State rather than Michigan the Wolverine fans took to Twitter to let him know what they thought about the decision. Do these people forget that he’s an 18 year old college student making a decision that will affect him the rest of his life?


For those not familiar with Twitter – if you add someone’s Twitter name into a message it will appear directly within that person’s timeline and flag the user to read it. Bri’onte’s Twitter handle is @DunnItAlready25. Each of the messages posted below had his handle in it, meaning they were sent directly to him. We’ve taken it out of each in order to avoid confusion while reading.


There were a few supportive messages sent Dunn’s way from the Michigan faithful so we’ve listed a sample. The rest? Well, just one more reason to hate Michigan….


The good…


@am4966: Congrats on coming to a decision, I know it was hard on you. Wish you luck and the best. Just not against #Michigan ;)


@BobM2880: I wish you were coming to AA, but I can respect your decision, good luck to you at Ohio.


@dave_wenger: We would of love to have had you! God Bless and good luck unless you’re playing Michigan.


@mtaz23: heard you still stuck on the bucks. Wish you would have went blue. Oh well, all the best man. Enjoy the rivalry.


@Beaschler: To every single #Michigan fan out there, we need to act like we’ve been here before. Show @DunnItAlready25 respect. #GoBlue




….the Bad…


@BPKrause: getting tatted with terrelle pryor? Enjoy the #NCAA punishments in Columbus.


@bornready: bring your blocking pads. Your new nickname is “cushion” cuz that’s all you are for B Miller. Get that degree. Go Blue!


@bobumfan: I don't get it, but UM will have fun stomping his ass though if he ever gets on the field in Meyer’s spread.


@dcolone: Enjoy never playing! Enjoy the sanctions lol



@ACMaverick83: Hahaha, enjoy never getting more than 10 touches a game and blocking for ur entire collegiate career


@YourmanJ81: good luck being a pro style running back in a spread offense…..fail


@TommyCummings22: Enjoy blocking for Braxton in the spread offense! #wasteoftalentatohio #GoBlue


@TonyMackSays: Hey do you know the name of LSU’s power back? Nope? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!


@TristanThreet: Brionte Dunn after he Recommitted to Ohio > @DunnItAlready25 bout to get tatted #ClassicBuckeye #FreeTats #Cheaters


@ebenhoeh: Congrads on going to O$U I hope your draft stock doesn’t go down too much after you finish college with a 600 yards a year avg!




@ChrisSturgell12: you will now be getting the @TerrellePryor OSU discount in Columbus for all future tats. Congrats.


@tfee19: Screw @DunnItAlready25… #GoBlue have fun tatting up


@adam_garnets: Congrats on your commitment on the tattoo school! Hopefully you will be all inked up driving in your BMW!


@jjbluecw: This guy is really gonna enjoy the tattoo services of Ohio St.


@rbakergoblue: getting tatted & not even a jersey or helmet yet to pay for it? #WayOfTheSuckeye


@ACMaverick83: what a waste of your talents. Good luck, @michigan_fball gonna whoop that a$$!


@ACMaverick83: Kiss the NFL goodbye


@kclif2121: Have fun suckin at O-Lie-O State


@HailToVictors: I bet it’s a free tat from Cbus too.. #UrbanMeyer #PayForPlay


@yambeau: #unfollow #BeatOhio how much urb paying you!?!? Lmno. #fake #GoBlue




…and the Classless…


@smarchyshyn: hope your acl tears #OSU #OhioState #GoBlue


@Beat_Her_Up: ur a bitch #goblue


@Beat_Her_Up: brionte you are actually a huge fucking fuckeye bitch! Have fun with Urban Liar and losing to Michigan



So there you have it - Michigan fans representing their university well with a few shots at a teenager. Not surprising. 


One more little side note….one of Michigan’s 2013 commits is Dymonte Thomas, a defensive back out of Alliance, OH, who also happens to be Bri’onte Dunn’s cousin. Do these people think he doesn’t read all of this kind of stuff on Twitter? Think again. He’s @Dymonte1 and certainly keeps close tabs with Dunn. Urban has plenty of time to work on Dymonte if he so chooses. To be continued…