I don't know Roy Hall. I've never met him. I wouldn't know him if he tapped me on the shoulder as I type this and that's unfortunate. But I do know @Roy_Hall and he always makes my day better.

Buckeye House Call started as a release for me. A way to escape. A daily means of "therapy." But it's gone from therapeutic to addicting. In a couple short weeks it's become my passion, introduced me to people I wouldn't otherwise know, provided me with opportunities I never would have dreamed of, and familiarized me more with Facebook, Twitter, and a few other social outlets. Thankfully it also introduced me to @Roy_Hall.

Roy HallThe man behind that Twitter account is former Buckeye WR Roy Hall who now plays for the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks. He was a 5th round draftee by the Indianapolis Colts in 2007 after three seasons at OSU and a beyond-impressive 4.35 forty at Pro Day leading up to the draft. Impressive? Sure. In some circles. But he's accomplishing a heck of a lot more today and I wish those highlights were seen and followed by Buckeye Nation just as passionately as our football team.

Hall is the President of The D.R.I.V.E.N. Foundation. Straight from their front page, here is their Mission and Vision:

The DRIVEN FOUNDATION is non-profit organization committed to providing a continuum of educational programming along with support services to undeserved populations throughout Central Ohio and surrounding cities. Ultimately, our goal is to empower these residents to realize their full potential through programming, community events and outreach focused on strengthening families and networks of support.

The DRIVEN FOUNDATION will achieve these goals by collaborating with government entities, faith and community based organizations, and additional stakeholders. By implementing a holistic, evidence-based approach emphasizing youth education, adult career development and pre-release services, we will enable residents of Central Ohio to build healthy and productive lifestyles for themselves and their community, while keeping families intact. We will connect people with health services, business and housing referrals, and personal/spiritual, as well as career development resources.

Now......someone tell me that what we see on Saturdays is more important. Come on. Anyone. Say it. Don't get me wrong, I love our Buckeyes. Those thirteen fall Saturdays are my thirteen favorite days of every year. But there are more important things than prize recruits, conference championships, and BCS bowls. I hate M*chigan as much as the next guy, but there are more important things than "The Game."

@Roy_Hall has posted nearly 1,100 tweets, has almost 2,500 followers, and always makes my day better. Think his "inspirational" tweets are a show? The man has personally responded to every "thank you" I've sent him. Every.....last.....one. I used to wake up to one alarm and a dozen e-mails that had me stressed before 5:35am. Now I chose to wake up to one alarm and as many tweets as Hall has posted since I last checked. It's the first thing I look at when I wake up and it makes my day better. It's the first thing I look at when I get home from work and it makes my day better. It's the last thing I look at before saying my nightly graces and going to bed and it makes my day better. Why? He motivates. He speaks the truth, good or bad, and always with a positive spin. He just....simply.....makes my day better.

When I started this post I had every intention of listing out great tweet after great tweet that I've read from @Roy_Hall. They're inspirational. They're clever. They have meaning, power, and purpose. But I'm only going to post the one (below) that I read tonight when I got home from work because it applies to us all. Most of them do. Buckeye or not, God-fearing or not, I hope that you take time out of your schedule to go check the rest out for yourself. No matter what you think of this blog post, you'll be glad you got to know @Roy_Hall. I promise it'll make your day better.

Now I'm going to publish this to Buckeye House Call, tweet the link over to @Roy_Hall because he deserves the feedback, and then e-mail my good buddy Nelson. Like many others living in Big Ten states not named Ohio he hates our Buckeyes.....but he won't be able to hate this one. No way.