Each Sunday at 8:30am Eastern we recap the prior week's work of the newly formed Buckeye Bloggers Network - a group of six Ohio State blogs, all with the same goal in mind - providing free content to Buckeye Nation. Here's the best-of for the week ending 26 February 2012:

Retire 32 - Mission Accomplished?  |  Chris Hunt

In drawing the University’s attention to this issue, not only have we all accomplished what we’ve set out to do, but we are able to say we accomplished what Dennis Hopson really wanted. All along, Dennis has been gracious in letting us bring this attention to him. He has been steadfast in his belief that once we accomplished this, he himself wanted to make sure that all Buckeye Greats from THE Ohio State University got what they deserved and that is recognition in the rafters.


Wednesday Morning Hive Proposes Way to Improve Basketball Officiating  |  Charles Kuehn

The biggest way that officiating could be improved would be to convert officials to a salaried position and limit the number of games that they can work.  The most experienced officials are generally offered games every day of the week and since they are paid on a per-game basis, they naturally take as many of those games as they can, leading to them often working 5 games a week. Other than during conference tournaments, college players don’t play anywhere near that many games in a week and yet officials who are much older are trying to keep up with them while working more games.


2012 Ohio State Buckeye Recruiting Class  |  Kade

Urban Meyer brought OSU’s recruiting class from being ranked 25th and fast approaching being outside the top 25 to the 3rd best recruiting class in the nation and did so in less than 2 months. Meyer brought in 11 prospects including getting 5 star RB Brionte Dunn to recommit to Ohio State. Without Meyer, Dunn was likely headed to Michigan.


Recruit Talk - Joshua Perry  |  Michael Chung

I had the privilege to interview Joshua Perry who was OSU’s first commit of the 2012 class. Perry has a unique perspective: recruited by Jim Tressel, remained a Buckeye through Fickell's tenure, and then committed under Urban Meyer. So he offers a unique perspective on the inside story.  Before he answered questions, he had this to say:



A Tribute to a True Buckeye  |  Carrie Janello

As The Ohio State University Men’s Basketball team prepares for their last home game of the season against Bo Ryan and the Wisconsin Badgers, they are also preparing to celebrate Senior Day …. Or as it will be known this year: William Buford Day. The lone senior has taken quite a bit of heat this season from Buckeye Nation, and I am no exception to that. But as he prepares to step onto the court for his last game at the Schott, he deserves a proper tribute. I am not just talking about a tribute to a four-year starter but a lifelong Buckeye.



Illini Provide Much Needed Chicken Soup  |  Scott Polacek

After losing two out of its previous three games, it seemed as if the sky was falling around the Ohio State men’s basketball team. While the Buckeyes certainly have their flaws, one only needs to look at Illinois to realize that it could be much worse.




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