Many of us across multiple Ohio State blogging platforms have taken up the cause for The Ohio State University to retire the #32 worn by Buckeye Legend Dennis Hopson (@DennisHopson). Here is a list of articles published to that end, starting off with the petition recently created by The Buckeye Battlecry's Chris Hunt (@WVaBuckeye), with this:  


Dennis Hopson’s number hasn’t been retired by Ohio State.

As someone who grew up in Ohio during his reign, I find that unbelievable… almost unforgivable. So, like a lot of other folks, I’m 100% behind the #Hop2theRafters movement to let OSU know it’s time for jersey number 32 to be honored.

Chris Hunt  |  Retire 32  |  Change.org  |  24th January 2012


#Hop2theRafters Links

Bob Hunter |  Ohio State Halts Retiring Numbers of it's Stars  |  Buckeye Xtra  |  24th February 2012

Chuck Strawn  |  The Drive to Retire Dennis Hopson's Number  |  Fox Sports Ohio  |  14th February 2012

Chris Holloway  |  Tuesday Morning Hive Honors a Legend  |  OurHonorDefend.com  |  31st January 2012

Jeremy Birmingham  |  The Forgotten Man |  ElevenWarriors.com  |  29th November 2011

Grant Edgell  |  Part V - The Voice of '32'  |  BuckeyeHouseCall.com  |  30th January 2012

Grant Edgell  |  Part IV - Greats Were Meant to be Honored  |  BuckeyeHouseCall.com  |  29th January 2012

Grant Edgell  |  Part III - Numbers Don't Lie  |  BuckeyeHouseCall.com  |  28th January 2012

Grant Edgell  |  Part II - Robinson's Run to NPOY  |  BuckeyeHouseCall.com  |  24th January 2012

Grant Edgell  |  Part I - A Season to Remember - 1987  |  BuckeyeHouseCall.com  |  22nd January 2012



Other Main Players Lending a Hand to the Cause

Susan Adams-Zajac (@SEAZajac)

Mali Buckeye (@The_BBC)

Chris Holloway (@OHD_Chris)

JoeDexter (@JoeDexter)

Eric (@ErictBBC)

Mike (@StackinDollaz21)

Andrew Huber (@AndrewHuberBHC)

OurBuckeyeHub.com (@ourbuckeyehub)

Rich Crowe (@brutusbuckeye58)

The Entire Schott Student Section! (@BuckeyeNuthouse)


Dennis Hopson with Herb Williams After Hop Surpassed his Scoring Record



Dennis Hopson Breaking Ohio State's All-Time Career Scoring Mark