the_sad_clownWhen the final buzzer sounded and #13 Ohio had officially knocked off #4 Michigan, Buckeye Nation rejoiced – and Michigan fans immediately went on suicide watch.

It’s been no secret that Wolverines’ head football coach Brady Hoke, from day one, has refused to add the ‘State’ to the end of Ohio when referring to the Buckeyes. That alone had actual Ohio State fans celebrating when John Beilein and his Michigan hoops squad drew Ohio University in round of sixty-four of this year’s NCAA tournament. No doubt that the Wolverine faithful though ‘oh shit’ at the mere chance they might get upset by Ohio. Was it likely? Not at all. But the fear had to have been there.

And once reality set in that they were indeed going down ‘Ohio?’ Hard to tell – unless you scour the free online message boards and social media sites. They never fail to provide the real Pulse of a fan base. Only one word can describe the pre- and post-game scene and conversation: BEAUTIFUL.


jacksonjammer: Few interesting story lines for our boys today. 3 or 4 seed? Will they put us in Columbus? And who will we get?!?! I'm excited.

SonOfJorEl: I'll say one thing about Beilein...I can't thank the man enough for making Selection Sunday relevant and fun again.

jacksonjammer: No south region for us! Yay!

cjmich11: Versus Ohio haha

GoBlue810: Lmao. Funny we get Ohio out of all teams.

Blunote76: Beat Ohio!!

Sec44: Their coaches have already said they feel disrespected by Michigan calling OSU "Ohio".

MikeAcoustic80: We are just the team this year that nobody really thinks too much of. I like it that way...

TBo20: Anyone have any insight as to the style Ohio plays? Offense-defense? I don't know anything about them. Anyone worried?

#4 Michigan Wolverines  -v-  #13 Ohio Bobcats

Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN  |  16th March 2012



jacksonjammer: The real deal is finally here. Go Blue.

BringBackMaize: The anticipation is killing me.  It feels like it's been a month since Selection Sunday.

cjmich11: Whole different season now. Let's get it started off the right way! Go Blue! Beat Ohio!

lljbone4: Hate betting on my team but my buddy talked me into it, we put 520 for Michigan to cover -5.... AHHHH, Go Blue!

WalterSobchak22: CBS called Burke "erratic" and picks Ohio too beat us. Has anybody even seen us play all year?

MotorCityManiac: Even Beilein calls those turds down south Ohio you gotta love it…

BooneWolverine: I'm shocked how many people are picking against us. We're so battle tested, and our offense is so hard to game plan for.


IN-GAME (two hours worth of gibberish cut down to seven important comments)

maizegoblue: This should be an easy win.

Sec44: Ohio is playing harder, and that is unacceptable.

corby78: Ohio came to play, we need to match em, cause they are playing really well right now.

GoBlue810: Please Burke, save our asses like you have been doing all season. Michael playing with a bunch of Titos right now.

ChiTownMichiganFan: OMG, we're gonna lose and we've had all the chances in the world.

eschol54: We lost...

corby78: Complete fail.



UofM 1508: Upsets happen. That is life.

GoBlue810: I wouldn't even call this a upset. On paper they probably have more talent.

Barringer19: At least Duke lost too.

GoBlueDude: It’s Ohio U. No excuse for that at all. Now I am going to have to listen to all the jokes here in Ohio.

dugtoni: What a disappointment, I'm pulling out the bottle of whiskey to wash this one down...

tjking82: Ohio didn't make us miss layups, we self-destructed.

jsfasbinder: No reason we lose to a MAC  team ever. Wow. We should have a 13 seed so we don’t look like the biggest aholes ever. Just shows us winning a big ten title is BS. We don’t deserve it.

jacksonjammer: One thing I get to look forward to is not hearing from some of you fair weather pieces of shit in about a week for a good 8 months until we have a game where we are trailing.

Xman73: Anyone who has not been paying attention to Michigan basketball over the last ten years and is now ripping on everything...go f*ck yourselves. Ohio U = Bobcats and Ohio = Cooler Poopers. So we lost to the Cooler Poopers and Bobcats consecutively... it happens.

St.JoeBlue3: One and down is a huge let down. Not really surprised the way the team has played lately, but still really disappointed. *kicks a rock*

blackdream71: Somewhere that idiot Clark Kellogg is smiling.


I’m sure Clark was doing just that after son Nick recorded a W over the hated Wolverines – and so were millions of others within Buckeye Nation.

John? Brady? - Now do you know who ‘Ohio’ is?


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