Written by Buckeye House Call | 10 April 2016

lebron footballI'm bored so let's take one of the most physically gifted basketball players on the planet..........and talk football.

What if?

By now we've all seen the banter that started last week between Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and Miami Heat guard LeBron James regarding LBJ spending his free time in Seattle while locked out by the NBA. It's not going to happen, but it does make me wonder what he would have looked like eight years ago in Scarlet and Gray. 

I'm not here to debate whether James would have come to Ohio State to play football. He wouldn't, and didn't. Obviously. He was the #1 ranked high school basketball player in Ohio from the moment he received a ranking as a sophomore at Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary HS until he dropped 25-9-6 and 4 steals in his 2003 NBA debut against the Sacramento Kings at the age of eighteen. He was always going to play basketball, and did.

Many in Ohio hate the man now after his "Decision" to leave Cleveland but he was still the Golden Child in 2003. The same people who jeer him now would have been cheering out of their minds each fall Saturday had he been in Scarlet and Gray.

First we have to look at the physical tools the eighteen-year-old version of LeBron James had to work with. During his senior year at Akron SVSM his basketball recruiting profile at Rivals had him listed at 6'6" 225 pounds. That's not "prototype" anything in college football, but  James was a first-team all-state WR for Akron SVSM his sophomore and junior seasons and sat out his senior season after breaking his left wrist in an AAU basketball game before football started. His junior year he recorded 61 catches for 1,245 yards and 16 touchdowns after posting 41 catches for 820 yards and 7 touchdowns his sophomore year.

We can't turn back back the clock and see LeBron in the Horseshoe either, but what would happen if we could? With this app, perhaps it would someday be a reality...


Written by Buckeye House Call | 06 May 2015

BcksWe’re officially ten days out from Selection Sunday and the panic button is still fully engaged in Columbus. The expectations were sky high for Ohio State coming into this college basketball season, yet here we are on March 1st having alternated wins and losses for the last six games – dating back to a win over Purdue the first week of February.


Can the Buckeyes right the ship this late in the season and still make a run to the National Title as was expected back in November? Kemba Walker would say yes.

While improbable at this point, watching Ohio State successfully manage their way clear to New Orleans to cut down the nets would be a bit of a surprise considering their recent struggles, but crazier things have happened in March. Last season’s eventual National Champion Connecticut closed out their regular season by losing seven of their final eleven contests before winning eleven straight, against ten ranked opponents, to secure Jim Calhoun’s third national championship in twelve years.

Could Ohio State do the same? A few key factors say yes.


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Written by Buckeye House Call | 19 March 2013

With the Superbowl now over and the NFL regular season not beginning until September you American Football fans are likely to have time on your hands, so why not download the lates paddy power app and find the best place for sports betting and enjoy playing on some American football themed slot games.

One of these that is a great deal of fun is Fruit Bowl XXV. This is a retro kind of slot with a difference, and combines the old fashioned fruit machine with football players. For instance the players are based in fruits such as grapes, strawberries, bananas and pineapples, the cheer leader is a plum, and all the spectators are depicted as cherries. There are also symbols that represent tickets, the ball, stadia and a cap. There is a bonus feature where the player instructs the player as to his moves as he makes his way up the field avoiding other players; the further he progresses the greater the number of free spins that are awarded and the higher the multiplier. If you are looking for the chance of winning a mega payout, then your slot of choice will be $5 Million Touchdown. If you want to win the five million dollar jackpot, then you will need to make the maximum bet and spin five scatter symbols. In this game the symbols are based on more realistic players and cheerleaders as well as the ball, the trophy and football moves. There is also a touchdown bonus feature where you pick a group of players who pass a ball to each other gaining distance and hopefully making a touchdown. The maximum bet is $200. Also, SBR Odds has all the latest Ohio Buckeyes betting odds, team stats, injury reports and line history. Do your betting odds research before your next Buckeye college football game.

Our third game of choice is Pigskin Payout. This game has some fun animations including dancing cheerleaders. The maximum regular payout is 7,500 coins, but the game’s best feature is the “Can’t Lose” jackpot feature. Here you can win up to 25 free spins and your winnings are multiplies by 3.

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Written by Eric Cooper | 19 July 2012

On The Trail: Buckeye Recruiting

Urban Meyer and The Ohio State Buckeyes collected their 15th commitment for the class of 2013 in three star athlete Taivon Jacobs from District Heights in Maryland, and it couldn’t have been at a more needed position. As I’m sure all Buckeye fans are aware, Coach Meyer along with Offensive Coordinator Paul Herman have brought the Spread Offense to Columbus, and with this new offensive scheme, a demand for a highly athletic and versatile playmaker. Urban Meyer was able to recruit some highly athletic playmakers in his time at Florida, such as Percy Harvin, Jeff Demps, and Chris Rainey, who were utilized in the backfield as well as split out wide on the line of scrimmage. Taivon has been clocked in the 40-yard dash at a speedy 4.4, which Meyer and Herman will be sure to utilize as they try to deliver him the ball in open space to make plays. Jacobs, along with fellow 2013 class commitment Jaylin Marshall, hopefully will provide Coach Meyer with the playmakers that are desperately needed for the Buckeyes next season.

Meyer of course is continuing the trend of recruiting great talent from all across the nation, but with talented four star Cleveland Heights receiver Shelton Gibson still available, will Coach Meyer look to add another speedy wide-out in the class? Meyer already lost out on four star Hilliard Darby athlete Caleb Day to Illinois, but only time will tell if Meyer will continue to recruit athletic playmakers, or address other needs for the 2013 class. However the staff decides to approach this position of need, Buckeye Nation should all take some time out of their day to welcome the newest member to the 2013 class and the Buckeye Family, Taivon Jacobs! Welcome to Buckeye Nation!

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Written by Eric Cooper | 02 July 2012

The Weekly Rant

In-State Recruiting: Part 1

 To anybody who has paid any
attention to my many rantings on various social media sites, you know that I am
not only a recruiting addict, but also a staunch supporter of locking down the
state of Ohio from all who dare try to take our talent elsewhere.  I am not shy to argue my ways and am open to
argument from any and all who challenge me, but the matter of the fact is that
in my arguments and my rantings, a truth lies within: The in-state pipeline is
EVERYTHING! The only other states that have produced more great talent in the
past ten years or so have been Florida, Texas, California, and Georgia. Little
argument can be made over the fact that Ohio as a state plays some of the best
damn football in the country on the prep level.

In a study done in
2008 by USA Today, Ohio ranked 5th in the nation with 231 players
sent to the NFL. With all the talent that Ohio produces annually, Ohio State has
taken advantage and usually cleans up the state of all of its best talents.
Sadly, Ohio State cannot keep all of the players in the state whether it is
because of lack of scholarships available, lack of interest in the player, or
lack of interest from the player.

  Whatever the reason may be, the starving institutions from around the Midwest
flock to the Buckeye State to scoop up those players left over. Schools such as
TSUN, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and other schools from the Big Ten and around
the region are able to collect a few players or more, and add some of the best
talent available to them to their rosters. Now I know that Ohio State can’t get
them all, and I also know that Ohio State may not even want them all in the
first place, as some players may have character issues, flaws in their game, or
may just not fit right into the system. What I do know however, is that it is
the responsibility of the coach at Ohio State, whoever it may be, to get as
many Ohioans as possible in the recruiting class to not only make sure the
schools surrounding know who runs the state, but simply because most recruits
outside of the state just can’t truly appreciate what Ohio State is, what the
rivalry is, and what Big Ten Football is. You may not believe what I believe,
you may think that my logic is flawed and that I don’t know a damn thing about
recruiting and College Football, but I ask you to keep on reading, and listen
to the argument that I bring to you. In this seven part series, I will bring
you six coaches that we know all too well on both sides of “The Game” and tell
the tale of the importance of recruiting in Ohio. Are you ready? Let us begin.

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Written by Eric Cooper | 28 June 2012

Greetings Buckeye Nation! I am new BHC administrator EB Cooper, and I would like to tell you about the new era of
the Buckeye House Call blog and a new offer we are extending to our readers.

      If you have been keeping up with the blog, you may notice that there has not been a new entry for some time now. We at BHC
apologize for this, as we are going through a transitional period in our blog. As such, we are extending an invitation to our faithful readers out in Buckeye
Nation to come join us at Buckeye House Call and become full time writers on our staff. WE are looking for talented, motivated, and dedicated Buckeyes who
have a strong passion for the Scarlet and Gray and are willing and ready to lets their creative juices flow and extend their voices out to Buckeye Nation. 

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Written by Little Tressel | 30 May 2012

LittleTress1On December 23, 2010, during a broadcast of the MAACO bowl, Kirk Herbstreit broke Tatgate to the nation (outside of Columbus). I remember it like it was yesterday, having a drink at the bar, and sitting in a daze of what I just heard. I promptly closed my bar tab, put on my Ohio State fleece, and snuck out unnoticed.

At one point in the evening, I was both listening to Columbus radio and hounding the Internet. Betrayal became the prominent word. Buckeye Nation had been back stabbed, not only because it involved some of the most important awards in Ohio State lore, but it involved superstar players.  As the days went by and the scandal was regurgitated to death, the nation laughed at us (especially the SEC). I assume a large part of the laughs stemmed from jealousy of the three years of beat downs of those involved in the Tat5. The laughs turned to rabble-rabble as the Tat5 were allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl (funny how it seemed much more vocal than that of the Cam Newton loophole).

Sides divided in the Buckeye world as well, sit them or let them play. They played and what followed was one of the most intense games of the 2010-11 Bowl Season. After the game one of my friends, brave enough to watch the game with me, said, "You look like you have been to hell and back." Sweater vest covered in beer, a couple of blood stains on my rolled up sleeves, you know, normal people stuff.  Aside from the 2002 title, this was one of the most personal and vindictive wins of my OSU sporting fan life. It meant everything. 30 years of oppression at the hands of the SEC was resolved.

As a couple months passed, I would wear my Sugar Bowl Champs shirt without a care in the world. OSU flag hanging proudly in the dead of the miserable Midwest winter. The Tat5 would serve their 2011 suspension and that was that. Little did we know that EVERYTHING was about to change.

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