Written by Grant Edgell | 20 December 2011



When we started discussing the possibility of a "Tyvis' Corner" here at Buckeye House Call back in October I really didn't know what to expect. I thought back eighteen years to when I was seventeen and the thought of what would have poured out of my mouth at that age was a little frightening. I assumed you were very similar but boy was I ever wrong.

You've spent the last three months giving me and Buckeye Nation a direct look into the heart and soul of an amazing young man. It didn't take long for us to see that we had a True Buckeye on our hands - a young man that we could be very proud of on and off the field - someone we could root for beyond the Scarlet and Gray you're about to put on. 

I'm personally proud of who you are, what you stand for, and the drive you hold within. It's nothing short of inspiring.

You started Tyvis' Corner with an "Open Letter from Tyvis Powell to Buckeye Nation." The only way I could think to give back to you before you enroll at THE Ohio State University in January was to pull together some of my blogging brethren, Buckeye writers, and fellow Ohio State fans and have them write back. Needless to say you've built quite the following and it's very well deserved.

Just as you told me at the end of the first blog post you emailed to me back in October, "I hope you like it."

Sincerely, Grant Edgell - Buckeye House Call

From me to you, I give you Buckeye Nation:

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Written by EB Cooper | 19 December 2011

MattaGrowing up as a kid in Ohio, it wasn’t hard to figure out who I was rooting for on Saturdays in the fall. The Buckeye State has always been ruled by the pigskin, and The Scarlet and Gray were always there on the gridiron representing Ohio State and all of Buckeye Nation to the best of their ability. Win or lose, I supported them to no end. And so when the coming of the bowl season ushered in the end of the college football for 2011, it was time for the country to turn their collective gaze upon college basketball The only thing in question was to some, who are we rooting for?

 Ohio State basketball has never had a better identity than they do today, but in the years past, the Bucks of the hardwood failed to leave much of an impression upon many, my family included. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked college basketball. I have always enjoyed basketball in general. From the years of playing in the driveway with my two older brothers, going down to the park with friends, or playing for my high school, I’ve always had a good relationship with the game. As far as the NBA goes, we are all Cavaliers fans (Cleveland fans all the way) but when it came to college basketball our family was somewhat divided.

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Written by BHC Staff | 19 December 2011

On Sunday new head coach Urban Meyer landed his biggest commit yet - the #1 ranked 2012 Defensive End in America - 5-Star Noah Spence out of Bishop McDermott High in Harrisburgh, PA. Spence was initially a Penn State verbal commit, but reopened his search once everything in Hapy Valley went haywire with controversy. He was originally scheduled to announce his intentions at the January Under Armour All-American game but recent rumors had him coming to Ohio State. On Sunday Spence decided to go ahead and announce his intent to spend his college playing days very near the Olentangy River.

At an ultra-athletic 6'4" 245-pounds Mr. Spence is the perfect fit for Urban's fast, athletic system on the defensive side of the ball.

Welcome to Buckeye Nation, Noah.


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Written by Matt Markey - Toledo Blade | 19 December 2011

BoomCOLUMBUS — What will be remembered as one of the most unusual years in Ohio State football history will include Sunday night’s annual team banquet, where the captains for the recently concluded 2011 season were officially named.

Senior center Mike Brewster, senior linebacker Andrew Sweat, junior defensive lineman John Simon and senior running back Dan Herron were designated as captains for the Buckeyes, who face Florida in the Gator Bowl on Jan. 2.

Ohio State head coach Luke Fickell had announced at the start of the season that due to the circumstances the Buckeyes were facing, he wanted the leadership role on the team to be shared by all. Fickell named individual captains for each game, but postponed any official action on the honorary roles.

In the past year, Ohio State had seen former head coach Jim Tressel forced to resign, starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor leave early for the NFL, and had several top-line players, including Herron, serving multi-game suspensions.

The Buckeyes’ players voted on their captains at the conclusion of their 6-6 season, with the results of that vote being announced during Sunday night’s affair held in the Archie Griffin Ballroom at the Ohio Union on campus.


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Written by Andrew Huber | 19 December 2011

SullyThe 2011-12 basketball Buckeyes lived their vision for 18 days.

In two and a half weeks, beginning with a dominating performance in the Global Sports Shoot-out and culminating in a 22-point, blow-the-roof-off-the-Schott dismantling of Duke, the Ohio State men’s basketball team dulled the pain of a gut-wrenching football season for the Buckeye fan base and primed itself to take over temporarily as the University’s flagship program. The expectations for the season, already sky-high, were exceeded. Jared Sullinger easily lived up to his billing as a preseason All-American. Aaron Craft cemented his place among the best point guards in the country. DeShaun Thomas and William Buford proved to be versatile, albeit inconsistent, scorers. The bench looked deeper than last year.

That was the Buckeyes at their best. If Tuesday, November 29 was any indication, this is a special basketball team. One capable of making a deep run into the NCAA tournament and possibly delivering Thad Matta his first national championship. It was important to see what the Buckeyes were capable of. It was important mainly because it might be a while before this team gets back to that level.

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Written by Todd Moore | 18 December 2011

USCFirst off, I’d like to thank every Ohio State fan in attendance for the South Carolina game. I have to say that was a first for me - hearing O-H-I-O chanted in another team's arena (only to have the sound muffled by a nauseating recording of a gamecock noise). Anyway, during the game I think the Buckeyes learned some valuable lessons on how to play when Sullinger gets into trouble during Big Ten play.

I’d like to say I was disappointed that Sam Thompson didn’t play key minutes, although I think DeShaunThomas playing as well as he did kept Thompson out of the game. Thad did go 9 deep and I’d say without Sullinger’s injury we don't see that out of Thad.

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Written by Tyvis Powell - Ohio State Buckeye | 15 December 2011

imagesI arrived at Buckeye Nation Friday around 1:30. When I got there, none of the other coaches were there. They all had attended a funeral for the former Quarterback coach, Joe Daniels. That same day I met Urban Meyer in person for the first time in my life. He had Bri'onte Dunn (@DunnItAlready25) and his family in his office. At that point I started to tell some jokes and get everybody laughing and thats when Coach Meyer told me that I needed to do everything in my power to make sure Bri'onte stays committed to the Buckeyes. Coach Meyer then asked me, "Do you think you can take him?" My response to his question was, "yes Sir, I love a challenge." With a serious look he said, "Tyvis shut the door and me, you, and Bri'onte's father will beat him up." Of course I laughed but he said again, "Tyvis, I'm serious, close the door." So I said "Ok" and reached to close the door and he said, "Naw im just kidding." But if he was serious, I would've been ready. Anything Coach Meyer needs done I'll do it.

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