Written by Grant Edgell | 26 November 2011

With the way college football lends itself to regionalized fandom there are natural rivalries everywhere, some bigger than others. Pitt and West Virginia’s Back Yard Brawl is a pretty big deal. So is Army v Navy, Auburn v Alabama in the Iron Bowl, and even Oregon v Oregon State in their Civil War. Texas and Texas A&M was a huge, historical rivalry but that’s coming to end with the Aggies’ exit to the SEC and the Longhorns pouting about it. Texas still has their Red River Shootout with Oklahoma to look forward to, but it’s not THE Game. None of them are.

4_The_GameRivalries exist in every sport, but none quite like The Game. The Yankees and Red Sox is a big one but they’ve played more than 2,000 times, including eighteen times last season alone. That’s not “The Game.” It’s a good rivalry, but it isn't at the very top of the list.

The NFL has their share of rivalries as well, from Broncos-Raiders to Cowboys-Redskins, but they lack the passion and luster of a college football rivalry. Most of those matchups found in the NFL are within a division as well, meaning the play twice a year.  For the same reason Duke-North Carolina hoops isn’t The Game (yes, they play a home-and-home every year as well), neither is anything found in the NFL.

“The Game” is reserved for that one-time battle between universities separated by a state line and an uncontrollable hatred for one another. Its 107 meetings in 114 years. It’s the Ten Year War, Bo v Woody, O$U v scUM, Ohio v That Team Up North, and its 2,926 days since your team beat ours. It’s The Ohio State University v the University of Michigan. Buckeyes v Wolverines. 

THE Game.

This Saturday marks the 108th renewal of the series so let’s put on our Scarlet and Gray glasses and take a quick look backwards at it all before jumping back to the present day and putting our focus back to this Saturday’s clash. After all, we don’t get to today without yesterday...

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Written by BHC Staff | 25 November 2011

They sure are an angry, bitter  bunch. Losing 9 out of 10 to Tressel will do that to a group.

We used to do a “quotable” post each week that pulled all of the coach-speak from the prior 7 days together into one place. This week we’l bring it back, with a bit of a twist, and just quote some of the Michigan fans found on multiple, public online message boards.

By the way these weren’t aimed at BHC because we don’t hang out on scUM boards and make posts. We just go over and hover like the creepy dude at the mall.

By the way their new, portly head coach Brady Hoke has taken to calling us “Ohio” rather than “Ohio State” and their fans have picked up and ran with it. It’s kind of cute.

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t want your overall IQ to drop 40 points today I would suggest you stop reading this by clicking HERE for an alternate supply of high entertainment.

On with the intelligence….

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Written by BHC Staff | 25 November 2011


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We currently run a weekly "Tyvis' Corner" series, typically published each Thursday or Friday, documenting the weekly thoughts, plans, goals, and direction of Buckeye commit and Bedford (OH) HS senior cornerback Tyvis Powell who writes each post himself straight to Buckeye Nation.

As BHC grows we'll be adding more fan-driven functionality for our followers to become more active in an ever evolving online OSU community and we'll be doing some more collaborative projects with other Ohio State blogs.

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We're currently in the process of moving our old archives onto the new site so please bear with us while we do so!

Welcome to Buckeye House Call,

BHC Staff


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Written by Grant Edgell | 25 November 2011

Join us today at 6:30pm Eastern for the Valpo v Ohio State LiveBlog.

Participants include as many fans as want to hop on, as well as reps from: Buckeye House CallThe Buckeye Battlecry, OSU Silver Bullet, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, The Buckeye Blog, Our Honor Defend, & Fox Sports Ohio.


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Written by Grant Edgell | 24 November 2011

It’s officially Thanksgiving Day and we’re just two days out from another successful trip to Ann Arbor. It has certainly been a rough football season (following an even rougher off-season) but college hoops are finally here and we have high hopes for the 2011-2012 basketball Buckeyes.

That being said, rather than talkin’ Bucks on the NFL’s day to shine, we’ll chose to discuss everything the very young Buckeye House Call is thankful for, and it isn’t a short list.

We’ve now been publishing for two months and have gone through a design and graphics change, a domain change, and we’ve started building our online social presence through Twitter and Facebook. It’s been a lot of effort - a few headaches – a bit of stress - and a ton of support...

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Written by Grant Edgell | 23 November 2011

What began as hope soon turned into speculation last week before evolving into full blown rumor of confirmation yesterday, unnamed sources cited: Urban Meyer will be the next head coach of The Ohio State University football program.

We’re all but sure this can now be looked at as fact, all circumstances considered, which has even more speculation swirling about Meyer’s future coaching staff. Rumor (still) has it that if Meyer were to sign on to join the Buckeyes, he’d be handed a large budget to put together the coaching staff of his choice. Many names have been thrown out there, some of which our fan base isn’t familiar with. We’re going to try to change that.

It’s important to keep in mind that the only staff Meyer has today is the one who applies his make-up in the ESPN studios. He isn’t the head coach of any university and we’re simply profiling a few people to add some familiarity and faces to a few names that are out there.

First and foremost the resounding thought out there is that Luke Fickell will remain on-staff under Urban Meyer, likely as Assistant Head Coach with some added responsibilities.

Now on with a few unfamiliar faces and a few we've seen before...

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Written by Grant Edgell | 22 November 2011

B1G.jpgThe 2011 college football season has played out like a low budget film - upsets are reigning over the Big XII and Pac-12, the Big East and ACC are acting like the Big East and ACC, the SEC is currently holding a firm grasp on the top three spots in the BCS, and the Big Ten is supplying exactly zero contenders in the national race.

For years Ohio State has taken the blunt end of the “why don’t you carry your weight in big bowls” argument, and ugly back-to-back National Championship Game losses didn’t help our side of the debate. But fans like to pour it on, ignoring the two BCS victories the Buckeyes have brought home to the mid-west to finish off the last two seasons. Now the same fans who spent recent years arguing that Ohio State didn’t give the conference a good name nationally are the ones who are reveling in the Buckeyes’ demise.

The funny thing about it is that now, while Ohio State is suffering through their worst season in a decade, nobody else is stepping up to carry the torch. Nobody else is putting their stamp on the national scene to represent the Big Ten in a manner they expected Ohio State to. Is Ohio State then to blame for the fact that the highest ranked team in the conference is two-loss MichiganState at #14?

Wisconsin came into the season heavy favorites to win the conference title and even poked their ugly heads into the national conversation for a few weeks before falling on their faces in East Lansing and Columbus on back-to-back Saturday nights. They had high hopes and a full Hollywood roster: Barry Alvarez as the proven, seasoned Producer; Russell Wilson as the shiny new leading man; Montee Ball blowing shit up; Bret Bielema ready to supply the cheesy one-liners. This was the season for the Badgers to take over the top spot and carry the conference right into the Grammy’s. Unfortunately Wisconsin wasn’t ready for Hollywood and the rest of the Big Ten is still trying to work out their roles within a Buckeye-less 2011.

We’ll help them out. The quotes are just too easy…

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